Emlid Studio Mavic 3E PPK Issues

Good afternoon. I recently purchased a Mavic 3E. I have been flying it with RTK but wanted to try and run the data thru PPK solution in Emlid Studio. When I use the files that DJI downloads directly to the directory I cant seen to get a fix solution. I wonder if there is a setting in processing that im missing? Is there a tutorial that might be available?


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Do you have the logs from your corrections source as well?

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Hi Chris,

It’s hard to say something without checking the logs. Can you please share them? You can send them to support@emlid.com with a link to this thread.


Maybe this is related. I am also processing M3E photos through Emlid Studio but when I import it into Metashape, the accuracy of the photos aren’t being imported with it. I’m using a CORs NTRIP network RTK solution for the RTK’d photos. I’m using the exact same base station for PPK processing as well.

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