Emlid Studio installer hangs

I’m trying to install Emlid Studio (v1.7) but it hangs between “Start Menu shortcuts” and “Ready to Install”.
I’m running as admin on Windows 10 and tried several times to no avail.

Installed fine here. Windows 10 Pro admin. Windows has most recent updates.

Maybe try rebooting and try again?

Even after reboot it did not work.
However, it did install fine when my laptop was connected to my work network.
Does the installer check network drives and hangs if some are unavailable?

Hi @maarten.vergauwen,

Sorry for the radio silence here.

I have confirmed with the developers that you don’t need an internet connection to install Emlid Studio. We’re currently investigating the cause of this issue. We’ll keep you posted!

It’s not the Internet connection per-se, it’s the fact that some network drives are unavailable. Just brainstorming here, but maybe it’s a Windows issue where a certain function the installer uses tries to visit the network drives and fails. E.g., a function that lists ‘recently used files or folders’.