Emlid Studio Geotags and Drone Deploy compatible?

Geotags from Emlid Studio works well with Geosetter, Nikon View NX2 but don’t work with Drone Deploy mapping system. Drone Deploy Support say: After some investigation, we have discovered that these types of images will not work with our processing engine. They do not hold the proper metadata as a standard drone image. ‘’

Thanks for help


Thanks Kseniia for your fast answer;
I beleive too that Emlid Studio has all informations but Drone Deploy request the same infos into a specific shape, Is it possible to create a converter to adapt metadatas from Emlid to metadatas for Drone Deploy?

Hi Claude,

We’ve received reports about such behavior as well. As you noticed, the same datasets can be uploaded to other software, so it looks like some DroneDeploy requirements play their part here.

I’m now in contact with DroneDeploy on how we can solve it together. They’ve double-checked Emlid Studio’s data and told me the images have all the metadata they are looking for. As I know, they are now continuing the investigation of what can be wrong. I’ll let you know once I have any news on it.

Hi Kseniia, any news about the compatibility with Dronedeploy?

Hi Remco,

We’re waiting for the asnwer from DroneDeploy support. Once we have any news from them, we’ll let you know.

Hi guys,

I’m here with an update – DroneDeploy now provides a Smart Uploader with a fix for this issue. We’ve tested it, and it works fine with photos geotagged in Emlid Studio.

The Smart Uploader is in Beta now. If you’d like to access the Beta testing, please reach out to DroneDeploy support at support@dronedeploy.com.

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