Emlid Studio - Empty POS and Events when "Use base observations" Off

Hi Emlid Community:

When I use the option “Use base observations” set to Off in Emlid Studio > “Drone data processing”, my POS and Events.pos files are empty / no records. There are header lines.

If I wait for base station data to become available (next day) and process with “Use base observations” set to On, yes I do get POS and Event.pos records and everything looks great.

Why do I want to process without base data?

I am testing capturing trigger events off the camera hot-shoe with an M2. I want to quickly see results with the 20cm XY / 40cm Z accuracy reported live by the M2. I want to verify I am not dropping camera trigger events and try to measure the lag between camera triggers and GNSS event timestamps.

Am I correct in thinking “Use base observations” set to Off should still output POS and Event records?

My M2 is running firmware 30.1
I have tried this on Emlid Studio 1.4 and 1.5

Here are ZIP files of my UBX file and RINEX from my local CORS station in Golden, CO:

ctmc097.zip (4.2 MB)
localhost_raw_20230407222732_UBX.zip (4.9 MB)

Thank you,


Hi Joe,

Thank you for the files!

If you use the Filter type Combined, it will output the empty .pos and events.pos files. Once I set the Filter type to Forward, Emlid Studio processed them smoothly:

I’ve attached both files here.
localhost_raw_20230407222732 (3).pos (328.8 KB)
localhost_raw_20230407222732_events (3).pos (5.2 KB)

This is wonderful. Thank you for troubleshooting @kirill.pavlyuchuk

As happens too often with me, I shot myself in the foot flipping too many options.


Hi Joe,

Nice to hear that it helped!