Emlid Studio Drone processing

Hi, I’m having an issue when I try to process my drone data, “There are more points than images: 489 points and 486 images”. I don’t have that warning in REDToolbox software, why ES is adding 3 more points? I have 486 images.


Hi @danilostgo,

Can you share the data with me so I can have a look?

If you’d rather keep the data confidential, you can send the files to support@emlid.com with a link to this thread.

Hi Merryna, here’s the files

Hi Danilo,

Thanks for sending the data!

I tried to process the data with Emlid Studio using the default setting and got this result:

I also checked the event.pos and MRK files; they showed 486 points.

Could you check if you have the latest version of Emlid Studio (ES 1.7)?

Hi Merryna, I have the 1.7 version

Hi Danilo,

Could you please provide a screenshot of your Emlid Studio settings and the process you use?

Also, are you using Windows or macOS as your operating system?

Windows 11 Pro for Workstations

Thanks @danilostgo , i will add myself to the same issue, same setting and same OS use

Hi Support

any update on this?

Hi Danilo,

I’ve processed your data by TOPAZ. It gave 2555 FIXED epochs (100%) with default post-processing settings.

CSV and GGA files:

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Hi @danilostgo,

I checked the files you sent. Using the settings you shared, I got 486 points as well. The _events.pos and MRK files you shared also have 486 timestamps.

Can you please record your screen while post-processing with Emlid Studio and share it here? Thank you!

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