Emlid Studio - DJI M3E PPK Processing issue for PIX4D Matic - Orientation Data Missing

I saw older closed threads on this - Wondering if this issue was fixed yet, or when will it be fixed if not.

“Hello, hoping to get some advice on Emlid Studio and Drone Data PPK processing using PIX4D Matic. I used the Emlid Studio and dropped all the correct files in and photos, but when I update the tags, it appears to be removing the “orientation data” or “pose” data from the exif in the images, essentially rendering the dataset useless for importing the photos into PIX4D Matic as a PPK workflow. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.”

Thank you!

No change yet.

Hi @scottk

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We’ve received requests to improve our geotagging feature by adding data to the EXIF file. This feature request is in our roadmap, I’ll add your request as +1 to it.

Do you have any particular tags along with data examples that you would like to see included? Your insights would be greatly appreciated!

Hello Merryna.

Just to clarify, Emlid Studio removes exif information from the images. It does not add anything. Photogrammetry software depends upon those parameters to determine the “pose” of the camera when it captured the image. ES needs to respect and retain those parameters and not delete them. Nothing needs to be added. I think the Emlid team already understands this, but wanted to clarify because of your questions.



Emlid Studio removes Yaw, Pitch, and Roll from the EXIF metadata on the corrected images. It updates Lat,Lon,Elevation, but it leaves blank Yaw Pitch, Roll, as well as the accuracy parameters.

This is a huge headache using with Pix4Dmatic, as the image orientation is used in many stages of processing. In particular, the image orientation helps us manually and automatically set GCPs.

I have to go in and extract the new Lat/Lon/Elevation from the corrected images and merge the old yaw pitch and roll in a CSV. Fortunately Pix4Dmatic allows us to use an external CSV instead of EXIF parameters. Still, this is tedious.

I’m hoping this gets fixed soon!


Hi @dpitman,

Sorry for the confusion about the phrasing; what you mentioned is correct, and that’s what we understand.

If there are any specific tags your software requires, or you can share which software you use for further processing, your input would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for providing detailed and helpful info! @TheOutpost

I use Metashape. It would be best, and I would think the most simple, to leave all of the exif data untouched and only re-write the corrected LLH. Besides the pose parameters mentioned, there are lens parameters that are also used by Metashape.

Here is a LINK to a sample DJI M3E image.

You can open it up in a exif viewer and note that there is a lot of information contained in there. There really is no reason for ES to delete this information. The only thing needed for the process is to edit the LLH values with the corrected values. In the future, the exif parameters may evolve. If ES ignores all of the exif except for the LLH, then it will be safe. If ES has to be told which parameters to keep and which to remove, then this subject could need to be reviewed again. Much easier to have ES leave all of them alone.



Thank you for the input and the sample data, I’ll pass this info to the team! @dpitman

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