Emlid Studio Criando ponto 0.00000000°N 0.00000000°E 0.0000m

I am processing a survey with the Autel Evo II RTK V3 in the “Drone Data Processing” tab.
The ES is resulting in lots of floating points.
But that’s not the biggest problem.
Every time I process the ES creates a point with coordinates: 0.00000000°N 0.00000000°E 0.0000m.
What could I be doing wrong?

Furthermore, the MRK file has 192 records.
In ES it asks to indicate a folder with 197 photos.

I had this problem just now. Try to use filter type combined, in kinematic processing settings.

Hi Mauricio,

Welcome to the community forum.

I would like to ask you to send the project files to our support email support@emlid.com, so we can try to reproduce and investigate your case.

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I achieved.

I work with a file server.
The software may have some difficulty finding and modifying files over the network.

So, I followed some guidelines and also saved all the files (GNSS and Photos) on my computer.

I processed it and it worked.

I think this will be my procedure from now on.

Thank you very much for your attention and help.