Emlid studio corrected file not showing fixed positions


I’m testing our Reach RS*. I setup the Base and Rover and waited until they had fixed positions.
Then I measured 3 points closeby (under 10m distance).
I repeated the process with the exact locations again to compare data.
My problems are:

1- When trying to post process in EmlidStudio, after selecting the rinex files for both Rover and Base the final result has 87% float results, 9%fixed results and 14% single.
If I took all the points while having a Fix between base and rover, why did this happen?

2- If I ignore post processing and simply analyse the cvs file from each project export, I can see a differente in elevation of over 8cms

What I’m I doing wrong?

Hi @luisvareladasilva,

Welcome back to the community forum!

Please share your processing files with me. I’ll check and process them. It’ll help me be more specific in the interpretation of results.

And how do you set the base position? Do you place the base over a point with known coordinates? Is it the same point in both surveys?