Emlid Studio combining JPG folders

We completed a flight w the evo RTK, while the emlid logged a rinex file, started before and ran after the flight ended. During the flight the evo created two folders of JPGs, each with its own drone rinex and mrk file. I get errors in studio when I try to add in the JPG folder, for tagging, that is a combination of both folders [I copied all of the JPGs into a singe folder], but only drug in the drone rinex and mrk files from one of the folders. How are two such folders combined, so that I end up with just one tagged folder to process in Pix4D? The evo is going to create another folder of JPGs every time we bring it in for a battery change.

Maybe you can just separate the list of time timemark in EventPOS file, corespondently to the amount of photos of each folder

Bim, your suggestion was briefly mentioned in an older forum post, but I still don’t understand what to do in the POS file: do I delete lines of code in POS file corresponding the JPG nos? Just deleting some pics is not the solution. My bigger question is how can I combined JPGs from two folders that both have rinex and mrk files?

Hi @kenforestry,

Emlid Studio needs the number of photos and events to be equal for proper geotagging. In the workflow you described, the number of events is lower. I believe that’s what causes the issue.

Geotagging photos in 2 separate folders with the corresponding .mrk files should work fine. After that, you can save all the geotagged photos in the same folder. Let me know if it suits you!

kseniia, I shoulda thought of trying to geo tag the muliple folders first, before combining them! I’m embarrased for not thing of that. Thank you for that tip, especially since most our emlid-evo work will produce multiple folders for each flight mission. I think so, too, that too many pics were taken; in that case I should simply delete some pics out of the folder.


Nice to know this workflow suits you! Just one note – if you decide to delete any images, I’d recommend doing that after geotagging everything as well. Otherwise, it can appear that some time marks don’t have a corresponding photo.

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