Emlid Studio Beta

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Hi Dave,

Emlid Studio is based on RTKLib. But of course, it’s far from the original version: we’ve added many improvements to make PPK more effective and easy to use.


Is the modified RTKlib inside our Reach devices too?

Great app! But, in ”Drone data PPK” need to browse pos file not only by file name: events.pos, mine are with different names, for example events (1).pos, sometimes i want to choose between events.pos file and events (1).pos file but i can not see them both.

I started using Emlid Studio for some single baseline static observations.
I want to ask about the navigation file. Which one I should use, the one from the reference station or the one from the rover?
I did some tests with .**p file and .**n file and I get different results in the solution.
I one occasion the solution was float if i use the rover (M2) navigation file and fixed if i use the reference navigation file.
Any thoughts?

Hi @l3technologycambodia,

Well, in this case, everything would be too easy :sweat_smile: I can’t share much about how it works, but the code inside Reach is complex and can differ depending on the receiver’s model.

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Hi Nadir,

That’s interesting, thanks for noticing! Everything should work well if you rename the file, but I understand it takes some additional time. Do you have 2 copies with the same name because of PPK with different settings or another reason?

Hi @vgo195,

Can you share the logs here or via support@emlid.com? I’ll need to check them to say what can be wrong.


Thank you for your reply. Thought it is running original RTK engine of U-Blox.

Has anyone successfully processed Autel Evo II Pro logs? I know @dpitman was working on it a little while back but have not seen any resolutions. I believe the MRK file is still a problem with the EVO II and Phantom RTK’s? We have decided to move from Yuneec to Autel. Yuneec has the best drone in my opinion for several reasons but their software/firmware engineering is some of the worst I have seen in a beta sense. Our Evo II should be hear next week so time to brush up!

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Hi Michael,

Processing logs from RTK drones indeed differ as they store time marks in MRK files. We received a lot of requests for supporting this workflow in Emlid Studio, so we’re researching this question. Stay tuned!


On another note has anyone tried pulling the timestamps from the images to create an events file. I understand it will take some moving and formatting of data but the timestamps are accurate on the drone and if you record a stream then you should be able to pull points from the stream. Just figure out the time offset, measure the relative positioning and pulling the timestamps from the originals. This then makes it very easy to GNSS enable pretty much anything and get +/- 10cm and probably even better.

…with an M2…

Wow, I like the way you’re thinking. But it’s huge work to do it manually. And it’s really easy to mix something up. So, I’d wait for some automatic solution :sweat_smile:

Let me know how that works out for you. I’m looking for a backup to the M300…just in case.

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For sure. Got the bird yesterday and setting it up now. I really hope to run a mission before the end of the day. With the weather we’ve been having who knows when the next chance will be.

Out of beta!

Hello everyone!
It’s been a while since the last update, and today I’m happy to announce that Studio is coming out of beta - Emlid Studio v1 is available for downloading! Check out the official release post.

In the new version, we fixed many issues, increased the processing speed, and added support for RTK drones. Now it’s possible to geotag photos using timestamps from MRK files generated by such drones as DJI Phantom 4 RTK and Autel EVO II RTK.

We would like to thank everyone who works in Studio and shares their thoughts about the application. Your feedback and feature requests are highly valuable to us and help us make the app better!

The new version is available for Windows and macOS.
Note: Studio on macOS can’t be updated from v1-beta-10 to v1 automatically. You need to download the new version manually. Auto-updates from v1 to all the subsequent versions will work fine.


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Hi there,

As @ivan.smirnov said above, Emlid Studio is out of Beta now :tada: Therefore, I’m closing this thread. Once again, thank you all for testing and sharing your feedback and requests. Now, if you face any difficulties while processing any files in Emlid Studio, don’t hesitate to create a new thread. We’ll be there to help you!