Emlid studio after firmware 31?

Due to the fact that firmware 31 does not allow selecting between static or kinematic, I would like to know which is the correct method now to process with emlid studio, since emlid studio does give the option of processing a static point or a kinematic point. I think that when they make these changes they should be more precise with the information and processes, since this affects the result that we give to a client.
thank you.


Hello Jaime,

In fact there is no link between the positioning mode in the rover setup in Emlid Flow [A] and what you do in Emlid Studio [B].

[A] defines how the rover computes its position in real-time, while [B] is a post-processed positioning.

Static is a term usually used for post-processing, so having this setting proposed for a real-time process in [A] is very ambiguous and I guess this is why Emlid decided to remove it.

You do exactly as before, as the setting had no influence on the raw data and what you do with them in Emlid Studio. Just log your raw data, and process them in Emlid Studio the same way you did before.


Hello Florian, thank you for your time and for your answer.
In [A] I refer when I set up my BASE in static mode (before changes) and coordinates in Average single. After it, in the office, I process the Base logs in emlid studio, in Static option with CORS logs as a base and my BASE LOGS as rover option in emlid studio.

But now,I dont know how process, because the BASE is in Kinematic all time!!! I think it is a serious problem.

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Don’t worry, that really does not change anything to your workflow. You can stick to it.

  1. Average Single your base
  2. Do your survey
  3. Post-process your base and correct the rover points

The fact that the Average Single process is done on a kinematic algorithm instead of a static does not change the output. Once the base is set, there are fixed coordinates in the correction sent to the rover. Even if the base is calculating its own position in a kinematic mode continuously after that, these coordinates in the correction message do not change unless you manually restart an average single process. Feel secure about all this. You don’t have to change anything to your workflow.


Thank you for your answer. Great!!!

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