Emlid security

I often use the emlids in busy areas where I can’t always keep my eye on my base station. Has anyone figured out a way to lock/secure the emlid to a tripod base? I can use a bike lock to secure the tripod to a stationary object but that doesn’t secure the emlid itself to the tripod.


If you could put it on top of a building or maybe ask a landowner placing it in backyard. We’ve done this several times but make sure the area is secure. I would advise hiring someone to babysit the unit though, maybe $50 for an hour or two, someone you can trust, girlfriend or good friend.

If you have a magnetic base to attach to the base receiver, you can place the base on the top of your truck or car. We do this also. We hardly ever leave or robot or base alone. If you do, make sure you keep an eye on it while surveying. Look at the base when taking every shot.


German Shepherd.


Not sure how it works, but think Leica and Trimble have security features built in to brick the device??? Not sure.

Obviously you can track it to a certain degree as long as powered on.

Emlid should incorporate some sort of security into the receivers.

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Prob your best bet depending on location etc. Minneapolis MN, Cshitcago, etc … screw it.

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It would be nice if there was some kind of security infrastructure from Emlid if it’s stolen, have a report database and they could lock it up. But I think it would take considerable investment of $$ and software development to do this. As you said, I believe Trimble, Topcon and Leica have this feature but it’s very pricey.

It’s just best to have someone to babysit the unit. I’ve even had my wife sit by my base before. Give her $$ or take her out to dinner. Make sure the babysitter has a cooler of drinks and snacks as well as a gun if needed. Like I said earlier, $50/hour is reasonable price for security.

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What you need is a zebra:

But they are not really attentive and tend to use the base as a scratching post

This is a better solution:


Hi @evar,

I understand your point, it indeed might be a useful feature.

At the moment, we indeed don’t provide any security infrastructure for our devices. But I’ll note your request and discuss it with the team.

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Yeah, all these damn dummies stealing catalytic converters… if they only knew how much gold was in survey and machine control equipment.

Manufacturer’s would be implementing security features REAL FAST given the state the world is in right now and soon to be worse.

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