EMLID RS2 w/ EMLID FLOW float shots

How do I take a float shot with using RS2 and EMLID FLOW. I’m a land surveyor who uses the RS2 for larger boundaries but many of the property lines are in the creeks with thick canopies such as pines and cypress trees. The creek shots doesn’t have to be as accurate as corner shots. Any ideas?


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You can measure points in FLOAT by turning off the FIX only option. You can find its switch button in the Survey tab. There tap on the blue plus buttongrey gear buttonFIX only. It can be useful if you can’t get FIX in situations like the one you’ve described. But please keep in mind that FLOAT means that the unit receives the corrections but can’t resolve all the ambiguities. In such a case, the accuracy usually varies from decimeters to 1-2 meters.


In such situations I would suggest to walk away from the trees, until you get a nice fix, and in the notes add the distance between your point and the line.
A tape measure would be more than enough, and more accurate than a float point.
In CAD you have the “tangent to” snap that looks made for the purpose… :slight_smile:


Can also mount a laser EDM such as a Leica Disto S910 or even lower cost option to the rover pole to shoot distances and angles to trees or another rover pole with a prism or pole that can be measured to the water line. But yes, tape and offset much easier.


Thanks! That was really helpful!


My experience in canopy is a float solution can be 3 to 4 meters or more off. Not uncommon for fixed to be off a meter or more.
Mandatory multiple reinitializations and observations 4 hrs apart on important points
Both emlid and field genuis overstate their displayed precision values.


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