Emlid RS2 does not connect to ReachView

After updating the firmware to the latest version, I noticed errors in tests number 2 and 8.

I have tried to update several times, however it is impossible to access the RS2 settings after the update. After opening ReachView, it cannot access the RS2 settings, it only recognizes and displays the name and MAC, and cannot access the settings panel (smarthfone and Emlid RS2 are on the same network).

Note: I followed all the configuration and update procedures available at https://doc.emlid.com.br/reachrs/common/reachview/firmware-reflashing/.

Can someone help me?


Hi Juliano,

Does this page give you the option to download the Full System report? If yes, please generate it and send it to support@emlid.com.

Also, please send us the order date and number and serial number of the unit (you can get it by scanning the QR code under the SIM card slot) to support@emlid.com

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