Emlid RS+ & M+ gone?

I see they are no longer on the main website or Emlid Store… which is understandable… but sad still : (


Why is that sad?

Oh, i dunno… :thinking: they were EXTREMELY popular and all the hype before the elusive RS2 / RS2+ / M2 came along. : / They were what really put Emlid on the map and now they are gone. :disappointed_relieved:

Btw, there are people, especially poorer countries who still could benefit from the RS/RS+ & M+ since their cost was so much lower. Making them attainable. Especially when the rising price of the RS2+ makes it impossible for them. The M2 helps though.

But hey, Ebay will keep them going on


Hi Tim,

Our single-band receivers have been an important and very meaningful part of our history and growth. They helped bring affordable RTK solutions to the market and will continue to provide our customers with robust efficiency for years to come.

But nothing stands still, and we’re moving forward. Reach RS3 is our huge milestone, pushing the boundaries of what the receiver can do, and doing it at a very reasonable price with high performance.

As always, the used market is at your disposal :slightly_smiling_face:



Living proof here, Tim



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