Emlid RS+ Geosun Lidar 100M Rinex Issues

I recently bought an Emlid RS+ as my base station for my lidar projects. I am pairing it with Geosun Lidar 100M. I am having issues with processing Rinex File from RS+ and KQS files from lidar on the shuttle software. Does anyone had the same issues? or Does this issues already fixed?


I can hardly comment on anything about this shuttle software since I’m not familiar with that. But some post-processing softwares require RINEX epochs integer value, while Reach RS+ records them with decimal places without interpolation.

To accomplish it, you can record the raw data in the UBX format and convert it in Emlid Studio with the toggle This log is for OPUS. It interpolates the log with RINEX epochs integer values.

I am affraid that setup can not work well, coz the KQS is not single band, it is multi band

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We have geosun livox mid-40 and it is work NICELY and FLAWLESSLY with our RS2, of course we dont ever try with our RS+, but…i dont think it is work


And Yes off course i use Emlid Studio to process the Geosun Livox lidar trajectory👍


Well, if Geosun LIDAR is equipped with a multi-band receiver, Reach RS+ can’t operate as an RTK base for it. However, post-processing is possible, but this multi-band receiver will act like a single-band in this case.

That’s quite interesting! I’m curious how you convert lidar raw data into the RINEX format. Do you use some special converter?

I just make *.pos file from ES, then convert to txt file with excel so the output can feed to shutle software from geosun. It is deadly simple, specially with ES🥰

The next step to combine/blend the tracectory (txt), file and IMU data from lidar is going on shutle

Thank you for your warm words regarding Emlid Studio :smiling_face: It’s indeed pretty easy to use in such cases.

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I am using ES almost every day :grinning:


where can i find the excel file that converts .pos file to .txt file?

You can ask from geosun team to send you the excel file that match with your lidar unit

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