Emlid RS antenna

I am losing the signal from the base to the rover when I am under the canopy of trees. Is there a way of attaching a larger or higher antenna or another method to improve the signal?


Hi Bruce,

Reach RS are single-band receivers. They are quite sensitive to the obstacles’ presence. To provide you with a centimeter-accurate position, both the base and rover require an unobstructed sky view. Just like in an open field.

It may be an option for you to raise the receiver on a survey pole. But if the trees are still higher than the unit, it won’t help.

In areas with rare foliage, you can work with multi-band receivers, such as Reach RS2+. But if it’s a dense forest, and the sky view is fully covered, it’s better to go with non-satellite-based ways to get the position there.

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Understood, thanks, Julia.

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