Emlid Reach versus Leica TS

Asking for advice here, in my last post I was worried about the coordinates now I was thinking, is it easier to set up my robotic total station, reference off two known points to fix its position and then type in the coords for each point? Captivate software will then guide me to each stake out. As it is difficult finding a program that converts OSGB to WGS84 should I stick with this when I really want Emlid to find the position and stake out. Why isn’t there an easy coordinate converter to at least 8 digits?

Remember that you dont have to convert OSGB to WGS84.
You just need to convert to decimal format, and then you can input the coordinates. Then you don’t need to convert again coming back.
The only to look out for is the height, if your base was not supplied in usual ellipsoid. Then it needs to be converted from/to the right geoid.

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