Emlid Reach Serial Output for Arduino Mega 2560

Hello All,

What format should the serial output coming from the reach be in? The solution output in the Reach app is set to serial. We have the serial connected to an Arduino Mega 2560 which in turn is connected via usb to the pc. We are hoping to print latitude, longitude, and elevation, along with a timestamp. Will this work?

Thank you,


Hello Matthew,

What version of ReachView are you using(check the gear tab)? Try updating to the latest one(v0.1.0), as it simplifies work with serial devices.

What you want can be achieved by setting solution output to Serial->UART with llh format. The stream will not start until single solution is achieved though.

Hello Egor,

The app is 0.0.5. I can’t get it to update. When we click update it says updating, but after it is finished we reconnect to the app and it still says 0.0.5. What should we do?



tinygps++ works perfect getting reach into arduino via serial. However it only parses nmea output.

Is Reach connected to the internet? It may also be unable to handle a slow connection