EMLID Reach RTK not publishing in ROS

I’m having an issue with the Reach RTK publishing in ROS. I followed the nmea_tcp_driver quickstart and had no issues. When I run nmea_tcp_driver is says the Device is Connected, but when I try to echo tcpfix nothing is showing up.

Does anyone have an idea for troubleshooting this issue? I appreciate it!

Replying because I have a similar issue?

I am using nmea_tcp_driver with Reach RTK, works well. I have set it up a while ago, so I don’t remember specifics. But looking at my conf, I don’t see anything special.
Are you using it over wifi or USB? And have you enabled position output on the Reach module? You could try to open the url in browser ( for example). You should see some output there.

I just recently made a ROS driver for the Reach RTK unit, this might help.
The normal nmea_tcp_driver doesn’t support that many messages, so this one has expanded to support all the ones that Reach spits out.

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