Emlid Reach RS2

Have a question if I set my reach up to receive corrections via NTRIP and for some reason my hotspot dies will the RS2 revert to static positioning or is the rest of the data useless if I get disconnected from RTK?

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As long as you either have logging on autostart, or manually start it yourself, you will have a log for processing. Whether or not you have NTRIP corrections coming in won’t matter.

So if I am receiving NTRIP corrections are those corrections in the logs? Or are the logs always static?

Yes those corrections are in the logs, under base corrections. Your rover will also have it’s own log of the satellite signals it sees.

Hi @breis,

In addition to Joe’s response, I’d say that we need to separate the rover raw data log from the base correction log.

The raw data log includes satellite observations of the moving rover. The base correction log is recorded in RTCM3 format by the rover as well, but those corrections are the raw data log from the base. So the base log and base correction log are almost the same, the difference may come up if the stream is interrupted due to the lack of internet, for example.

Answering the initial question, you can still use the Stop & Go technique if you’re disconnected from RTK. You need to collect points with a SINGLE solution and log the raw data by the rover. Then you need to request the log from the base, and you’ll be able to post-process the data in Emlid Studio. You can read this guide to learn more.

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