Emlid Reach RS2+ won't turn on

We recently purchased an Emlid Reach RS2+ (August 8th 2022 Order#59608), we already have 2 Reach RS2s and was happy to get the new updated one.
It arrived here on August 16th and I put it to charge overnight as the battery indicator was at 2/5.
On the morning of August 17th everything was as I expected. I was able to access the receiver and set it up. One of our field staff took it into the field and used it for the day with no noticeable difference to the other two RS2s that he was also using.
This morning when I took them to download the data the new RS2+ was quite warm in the case and metal bit at the base was quite hot. The receiver will not turn on. It’s been about 2 hours since I removed it from the case and metal part of the base is still warm but cooler than earlier.
I get no LED response when I quick press the power button or when I hold it down for a while. There is also no response from the receiver when I plug in the USB cable but if I connect the receiver to my laptop Windows recognizes that a Reach RS2+ is connected.
How should I proceed from here?
Should leave it until it is completely cooled and try charging it again? Should I charge it using an Samsung adapter into the wall or should I try charging it directly from the laptop’s USB port?
Thanks for your time.

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Hi @robinyearwood,

So it laid in the case for a night or so and stayed warm? Don’t remember anything similar happened before, but don’t worry, we’ll sort it out.

Let it cool down and then leave it charging overnight. If it doesn’t help, please contact us at support@emlid.com.

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Hi @svetlana.nikolenko,

He left it in the case as normal and in the morning it was very warm. The metal bit at the bottom was hot to the touch and the unit was unresponsive. I have taken it out of the case and just left it out in the open that would have been about 6 hours ago and the metal bit is still a bit warm, much cooler than this morning but still warm. Which leads me to believe it is still somehow on or running even though it is not responding to the power presses.

Hi @robinyearwood,

Reach RS2+ shouldn’t become that hot even while operating. So, that’s really weird.

Have you managed to charge it overnight?

Hi @svetlana.nikolenko ,

We left it overnight not charging so it would fully cool down, this morning it was room temperature. So I inserted the USB Cable and the LEDs came on. I was able to turn it on and download the logs that our field staff collected on the 17th. It is now currently charging and everything seems normal.

I processed the data and everything seems as expected. The only anomaly is that there is an extra log which was started after the field staff had finished their survey and ran for about 4 hours. The fact that the final expected log was fine and of the duration we expected, that would indicate the field staff did in fact turn off the receiver when they were done. We had suspected someone might have forgotten or didn’t realize it was still on and put it in the case but the extra log started 24 mins later.

My speculation is that the receiver somehow turned on while in the case and just sat in there running for 4 hours until it ran out of battery or overheated. We have updated our field procedures to leave the cases open in the office after a day’s work and will continue to monitor it closely the next time we use it to see if they are any reoccurrences.

Is there anything you would need from me? I downloaded the System Report in case that may help you and I can also send the Observation files of the unexpected log. Let me know.

Thanks for your time!

Hi Robin,

The Full system report would be of a big help! Can you send it to support@emlid.com? It contains some sensitive info, so don’t want you to share it publicly.

Maybe it was a one-time issue, but we want to make sure everything works fine. I’ll share the results with you too.

And if you notice something weird again, post it here too, please.

Hi Svetlana,

I have sent the full system report to support@emlid.com. Ticket #61281

Thanks for all the help!

Got it. Thanks a lot!

Hi Robin,

We’ve examined the full system report. There were indeed some operating issues caused this overheating. But now it’s gone. So, everything should work fine.

If you notice something similar again, please report it to us. But I believe it was a one-time issue.

Hi Svetlana,

Thanks for your time, glad to hear it is believed to be one time issue. I have used it a few times and have not experienced any further issues. I will definitely let you know if I experience it again.

Any chance you can expand on these issues? Just for my own personal curiosity.

Hi Robin,

All processes are quite complicated, so I can hardly describe it in a few words. If it was one exact component, I’d name it. But we just saw some miscommunication between hardware and firmware. There are no obvious reasons for this. That’s why we decided it was a one-time glitch.

But as I said, if this or any other difficulties arise, get back to us.

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Hi Svetlana,

I understand, thank you so much for your time!

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