Emlid Reach RS2+ with ArcGIS Field Maps via Android

Wondering if there is anyone out there that is using ArcGIS Field Maps via Android with the RS2/RS2+.

I’d be interested to hear how it has worked out and if anyone has figured out a way to obtain the orthometric height directly as Field Maps will only store the ellipsoidal height

Hi Chris,

Hmm, I tried to search for more info about it. But the last updates that I found were saying that ArcGIS Filed Maps currently supports just the ellipsoidal heights. So the only thing I can come up with is using 3rd-party converters.

Why don’t you work in Emlid Flow? Do you lack any features in it?

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Yes. Presently I have to post-process the data to get orthometric heights. The main reason we use Field Maps is to be able to access our AGOL datasets and feature layers all in one map. We can also update any one of them as required.

Appreciate your help.

I tried Field Maps with an RS+ and iPhone and it would not get coordinates from the RS+ no matter what. I never figured out how to prevent it from using the onboard GPS

You can only use Field Maps with Emlid products using an Android device not IOS.

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Hi @daygeckoart,

I agree with @CRoss13. You can only integrate Reach devices with FieldMaps using an Android device. We’ve written a guide on how to integrate your Reach devices with ArcGIS Field Maps for Android.

Hi @CRoss13,

Yes, unfortunately, FieldMaps only shows height above the ellipsoid. As others have mentioned in the ArcGIS community, one workaround to access the Z value (orthometric height) is to use arcade expressions in ArcGIS Online or Map Viewer.