Emlid Reach rs2 UART problem

I want to use the Reach rs2 as a standalone gps but I have a problem getting data from the UART cable of the base unit. I have succesfully read data from the USB to pc connection using Actisense NMEA reader and the right windows drivers, but I cannot get data from UART. I’ve tried everything including using an arduino to check if the base is sending serial data from the TX/RX pins but got nothing. I’ve checked if the pins were right using a multimeter I even switched the TX/RX a couple of times in hope that they’re wrong in the datasheet and they’ll work, again nothing. The baud rate and everything else is right so why can’t I get data?

Which actisense model exactly?

I have the ngw-1 for 1083 to can bus

Most of there models are gateways between nmea 1083 and 2000

Lots take supply power from the field connection side

Have you configured the actisense using their software.

I had to read the manual before i was able to get my actisense gateway to work.

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