Emlid Reach RS2+ / RS3 Antenna Options in Software

Hello There,

I was just wondering about something related to the settings in Emlid and some other software packages. I have noticed that the RS3 being called or listed as a RS2+. Forgive me and my slight OCD, but I was wondering and wanted a confirmation that these two sensors are essentially the same?

One example of this is in Leica Infinity. Under the Antenna configurations, three options are present. EML_Reach_RS2, RS2+ and RX. As I own two RS3’s I assume that I would use the RS2+ option.

Is there a Antenna / Calibration Set for the RS3 in this instance? Even in my rinex header. Again I assume this is normal.

                EMLID REACH RS3                         REC # / TYPE / VERS 
                EML_REACH_RS2       NONE                ANT # / TYPE  

Thank you.

Look here under Emlid manufacturer


You need to update your software antenna database


This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much!


You could simply choose RS2 or RS2+ as the RS3 hasn’t actually been tested.
It’s assumed that the antenna dynamics are the same and haven’t been affected by any other changes in the device but that hasn’t been confirmed.
The update is essentially a procedural workaround.

The NGS listing of a more recent calibration date for RS3 of 13-Oct-23 could be a little misleading in that regard as it’s only the date of the administrative cut & paste within the file of the RS2 data in under an RS3 heading and this is clearly highlighted:

It’s probably quite OK. But there are many that are not, for example variations of the same Trimble antenna but with a different plastic top cover to better shed snow have very different calibration results files.


Hi @SkylandGeo,

As @Wombo rightly noted, there are no changes in the antenna’s placement in Reach RS3. Thus, the calibration information for the Reach RS2, Reach RS2+ and Reach RS3 antennas is the same.

Thanks,@EBE111057, for sharing the link! Reach RS3 is indeed included in the new version of the antenna database.