Emlid Reach RS2 Price in Australia

Can anyone explain why the Emlid Reach RS2 is $1899 USD elsewhere in the world but is the equivalent of $2300 USD ($3399 AUD) to purchase in Australia plus another $62 USD ($91.60 AUD) to ship within Australia?
There is only one supplier in the whole of Australia up in far north Queensland, so shipping is costly and time consuming to anywhere in the country.
The additional $400 USD ($590 AUD) cant be attributed to global shipping or exchange rate and profit margin would already be included in the $1899 USD so am I missing something here?

Import tax?

Christian is right, both GST (VAT) and Customs Duty are contributing to the price difference.

I understand that Australian importers are also obliged to register with ACMA and undertake RCM compliance (for each model which contains radio transmitters) with ACMA which adds a small cost when distributed across the volume of units imported.

Additionally, the importer has to pay for all airfreight into Australia and customs clearing charges levied by freight companies.

Emlid consumers in Australia can purchase direct from Emlid Australia online, or from a growing range of dealers, listed here: https://emlid.com/au/dealers/

With regard to freight costs, all goods shipped from our company, Mangoesmapping (in far North Queensland), ship at a flat rate nationwide in Australia Post Express Post satchels. Goods are also shipped with transit insurance to protect your investment, which is the majority of the freight cost.

Dealerships like ours actively invest in the industry through presentations, collaborative technology trials, industry exhibitions and memberships in industry representative bodies. We compete with major brands who operate on much more generous margins (sometimes greater than the entire cost of Emlid hardware). These brands drive up the cost of participating in the marketplace.

Finally, we maintain a fleet of rental and demo devices to allow potential consumers to try before they buy.

I trust this helps everyone to understand the costs associated in bringing Emlid’s great products to Australian customers. I encourage you to get in touch with me via Mangoesmapping if you would like more information or to see if you can arrange collection from our premises to save you some costs :slight_smile:


Hi @alistair Thank you for the clarification, what a great Government & taxation system we live with here in Australia; tax on purchase, tax to import, tax to sell, tax to earn, tax to spend, tax on savingd no wonder we’re going down the gurgler.


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