Emlid Reach RS2 not showing up on devices


I have some issues with the RS2. The antenna is already setup on a Wi-fi network, and it connects as soon as it is turned on. When I try to find the antenna on the same network, it does not always show up.
I have 3 android units (Galaxy s24 Ultra, Pixel 8 pro and galaxy tab s7) and it seems like it is very random when the antennas show up in the app.

We have 12 different antennas and it seems to be a problem with all of them. Sometimes it shows up on the Pixel 8, but not on the samsung units (we do also have 12 tablets, so I have tried switching), and the other way around.

I can access the antennas in the browser by the IP supplied by the router itself. Only Emlid Flow app seems to have an issue.

Even when connected to the antennas own hotspot, it sometimes does not show up.

Bluetooth connection with Locus Map is also very unstable, keeps disconnecting, not sure if these things are related.

Is there anything i might be missing?
Bit tiring to keep restarting stuff and waiting for it to randomly show up :frowning:



To get ahead of it, email full system report of 1 of them for now to support@emlid.com

Hi @TangoMango,

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  • Does the issue with the Wi-Fi disconnection happen only on one particular Wi-Fi? Does it happen when the device is connected to a mobile hotspot, for example?
  • If the issue also happens with the Reach hotspot, it could be the mobile settings. Are mobile data and battery optimization options turned off on Android devices?

Please check that you’re using the latest version of the Emlid Flow (9.12) and the latest (31.8) firmware.

You can also send us the Full System report with the information above, as Tim suggested, and we will take a look.