Emlid Reach RS2+ not connecting to WIFI

I am stuck on getting an emlid base station setup to connect to a WIFI network.
I have setup many emlid base stations and have never encountered this, but hope that someone has some pointers.
The emlid runs the latest firmware.
I have configured the emlid using Emlid Flow and the emlid actually works on this router, meaning I can get my rtcm stream from caster.emlid.com over the configures mountpoints etc. When I connect my phone to the same WIFI, I can “see” the IP address of the RS2+, but it never connects. I cannot change the configuration! Trying a laptop in the same network, and the IP address does not give me a webpage at all.

All I can see on the phone is “Can’t connect to Reach” Any ideas???

Hi @jheupel,

Let’s place both the receiver and mobile phone closer to the router, and check if it helps.

What is the network you work with? I just see that the signal is weak, and most likely, there is no internet.

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