Emlid Reach RS2 Logger Error

Good day,

I am having an issue with my Reach Emlid RS2.

When I downloaded my data for work I did yesterday, instead of the file being named receiverName_raw_dateTime.zip it was named localhost_raw_dateTime.zip.

This reminded me that I needed to update the names to reflect our new equipment naming policy. So, I changed the name. Now whenever I try to download any of the log files I get this error.

I changed the name on all three of my receivers and only 1 of them is now giving me this error and I can’t download any data from it.

Thanks for any help in advance.

Hi Robin,

It looks odd, indeed. I’d look into the Full system report from the device to figure out if it’s possible to derive these logs. Please share it privately to support@emlid.com, since there’s sensitive info.

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Hi Robin,

I’ve received reports and checked them, thank you!

Please try to rename receivers as simple as possible without using any uppercases, underscores, and so on. For example, just base or rover. You can do that and check if logs are accessible.

Logs with prefix localhost are recorded and visible on two devices you’ve mentioned. So, they’re not corrupted, and it should be possible to derive them.

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Hi Kirill,

I am still getting this error. I have renamed the receivers as per your suggestion with no capitals. If the units go in the field and record data, then I can download them. But they will download with the localhost prefix, which is a problem for my workflow. If I have to rename each one manually is a major time waster, and my scripts need them to have unique names for organizing.

So, when I changed the receiver’s name to all lowercase, the error occurs again. Every time I click the download button, I get the same error I screenshotted above. Then I can no longer access any data until they are used in the field.

I need a solution to this issue. Thanks, in advance!

One of my three receivers is unaffected by this problem entirely. I can rename that as many times as I want, and it does not give me an error and the download file name changes when I change the receiver’s name.

Hi Robin,

Thanks for additional explanation! I’ve passed your reports to the team for further investigation.

Once I have any updates, I’ll post them here.

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