Emlid Reach RS2 hot-spot poor data throughput

I am trialling a RS2 unit with a mobile Data account (SIM onboard the RS2 unit) and an android Tablet (no SIM in the tablet - Wi-Fi connection to RS2) with ESRI Field maps. I am using the unit as a rover with corrections via base stations with a NTRIP subscription. I get great accuracy even under tree canopy (awesome thankyou Emlid) and all seems to be working well… except I am trying to use the RS2 as a hotspot for data to the tablet as well as for NTRIP corrections. Corrections work well as mentioned but the data throughput to the tablet (for refreshing aerial imagery and vector data) is very poor with long delays loading tiles. If I use a secondary hotspot on the same account (relocating the SIM) and connect both units it works fine (therefore the data account seems ok) , but ideally I’d like to have a solution with just the RS2 and a tablet to keep things simple. I do get a little bit of “choppiness” between the RS2 and the tablet (as others have mentioned) i.e. sometimes the RS2 drops connection to web interface etc. not sure if this is related but suspect it might be. Is the RS2 capable of performing the duties of being a hotspot for other devices in this way?

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Reach RS2 hotspot is not that powerful as a mobile hotspot. Its well-operating range is limited by several meters only. So it can lead to some delays on the longer distances.

sometimes the RS2 drops connection to web interface etc.

Android devices have the Battery optimization option that restricts using apps in the background. It leads to issues with connection. You may try to disable that and check if it helps.

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