Emlid Reach RS2 and Apglos Survey Wizard

Hi everyone,

We developed the Android application Apglos Survey Wizard.


According to us this application is a great match with the Emlid Reach RS2. We want to keep on improving Apglos Survey Wizard. So we want to ask you to download it (https://www.apglos.eu/asw) and try it.

Tell us your opinions and your ideas so we can integrate those in Apglos Survey Wizard.

Serieus reactions will be rewarded with credits for Apglos Survey Wizard.

Looking forward for your reactions.


Team Apglos


Does it allow for localization?

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If you want to make your own local localization you can go to Other Settings there you chose

World -> Local -> New Local

If you have any other questions let me know.


support UTM??


Hi Edgar,

Yes we support UTM. In Other settings you can chose the country you are in and the ellipsoid you are using. Then you can select the CRS like the UTM.

If your country is not in the list yet, then let us know so we can add your country. We only need to know which geoid to use and where we get obtain the geoid file.


Hi Hanno

I selected México and geoid model but I cant see utm option.


Hi Edgar,

Which ellipsoid you will be using with your UTM? We can update the software today so then you will be able to work with UTM in Mexico.



Wgs84 utm zone 13N


Hi Edgar,

Today version 2.7 will be online. There WGS84 UTM zone 13 N will be added.

When you send me your email address that you use for Apglos Survey Wizard in private then I can reward you coins.



Thanks Hanno

Hi Hanno. We’re looking to test Apglos with the RS2 to offer our clients. Malaysia’s not in the list, but I also can’t seem to be able to add a custom CRS in the settings.

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for your message. Which Geoid file are you using for Malaysia? When you tell us then we can add it in our next update.

We will also reward you with more coins for using Apglos Survey Wizard.

I hope hearing from you soon.



What I mean by localization is the ability to work with surface coordinates. This is done by setting up the base in any position and then creating a control network by occupying known control points that may or may not be on a true WGS84 alignment. This is not creating a custom grid reference that is tied to any other known coordinate systems.

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Hi Michael,

If you don’t mean a localization in a way I mentioned before then it is not integrated in the app.

If you send me a private message on how your work flow is that you mean then we can see if we can integrate it in a simple way.

Thanks in advance.



This is more along the lines of what I was thinking. Topcon Magnet and Pocket 3D are very similar.

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For Geoid, the best one for Malaysia is MyGEOID (produced by the local survey department), which consist of two basic models:

  1. West/Peninsular Malaysia - WMGeoid04
  2. East Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak) - EMGeoid05

To a lesser extent, EGM2008 also works (worse RMSE than MyGEOID).

Some links that may be of use -
Guideline for MyGEOID: https://www.jupem.gov.my/v1/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Survey-General-Circular-Vol.-10-2005-on-MyGEOID.pdf
WMGeoid04 available here: http://resources.ashtech.com/GEOIDS/#Malaysia

As for the local CRS here, I’m still unsure how to add a custom one. Clicked “New Local” but there’s no option to add in the parameters.

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for the information. We can add the Malaysian CRS within one week. I will let you know when it is integrated.

The option “New Local” is for doing Localization. We are testing with adding your own local parameters for your own CRS, but we are still working on the reading of your own geoid file.

I will keep you updated.

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Thanks @Hanno. Could the local CRS’s used across Malaysia be added for us to test too? Would like to offer Apglos as an option to our customers.

Pls add Cambodia country to your list. We are using WGS 1984 UTM 48N. Thanks

Hi can you tell us which geoid you are using in Cambodia? Are you using the EGM? Waiting for your answer