Emlid Reach RS +

Does exist any difference between Emlid Reach RS+ survey kit & RTK GNSS receiver ?

Can you link to the 2 different products?

The survey kit has a base and rover vs. buying just one.

Just (2) RS+ instead of just (1) RS+.

If you think you’ll be surveying under trees and around more difficult areas where a L1 (RS) may have difficulty… if budget allows, get (2) RS2’s… or (1) RS2 and use a CORS service until you can afford another RS2.


Well in the emlid web site


Reach RS+ Reach M+
internal battery no battery
USB or 5 to 40V power input requires USB or 5V power
internal antenna optional external antenna
internal LoRa radio optional extenal LoRa radio
RS232 I/O pins UART I/O pins
1 time mark input pin 2 time mark input pins
1 PPS output pin 2 PPS output pins
0 GPIO pins 3 GPIO pins


Reach RS+ Reach RS+ Survey Kit
One unit of Reach RS+ Two units of Reach RS+

Let me know if I forgot any differences @everyone.

@yalex1213 Let us know if your question is answered.


Yes clear, thak a lot of all of you


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