Emlid Reach RS won't boot after Firmware Flash

Have seen this in other threads with no satisfactory resolution so re-introducing the topic here:
I inherited a Reach RS which hasn’t been used for a while. Seemed to be working fine but was massively outdated and so required a firmware flash for updates per manufacturer’s guidance.
I flashed it using the Reach firmware flash tool and now it doesn’t seem to boot up at all. When I am successful in turning it on, I get solid orange (pwr) and blue (net) light, that either stay on or turn off after two seconds. No wifi hotspot.

It charged the whole night. Blue light stays solid while on charger.

I tried reflashing it a second time with no improvement.

Hi @jtherrm,

Thanks for reporting!

Does the green LED light up at all?

What is the status of the red LED when the receiver is charging?

Does the reflashing in the tool finish successfully?

Thanks for the response.
The green LED doesn’t light up at all.
I don’t think the red (I think I called it orange above) didn’t come on while charging unless the antenna was already on.
The reflashing tool indicated it finished successfully both times I tried it.
Thanks again for following up!

Hi @jtherrm,

Alright, I see now. Thanks for clarifying this to me!

Please, send the serial number of the device to support@emlid.com. You can find it on the bottom side of the receiver under the barcode. Further troubleshooting may require more sensitive info from you, so it’s better to continue it via email.

I’ll take your ticket.

I just wanted to leave an update here. We’re continuing the troubleshooting with Jason over email. In case someone else faces a similar issue, please reach out to us via support@emlid.com.