Emlid Reach RS+ with Carlson SurvCE

This is Ramzan Imam from Surveying Systems Pakistan. I want to know which SurvCE Version we can use to connect EMLID Reach RS+ for Survey. As I have SurvCE Version 6 and there is no option of Emlid in Manufacturer list. If possible kindly share the link of the web from where I can download that version.

Need your quick reply to solve this issue please.
Thanks in advance.

Is there a generic NMEA option?

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SurvCE v6 should work fine with Reach.
You can find a step-by-step instruction on “How to connect Reach and SurvCE” in our docs.


Dear Andrew
Thanks a lot for your valuable reply.
I have got very useful information through your reply.
I want to confirm you the procedure in mentioned thread is to connect with Rover only and for NTRIP.
We want to run Reach RS+ on Lora Radio as a Base and Rover with SurvCE. But there is no option of Emlid in Base Mode in SurvCE or SurvPC.
Emlid option is available in Rover Mode only.

Kindly reply.


It is available but we want to run Reach RS+ on Lora Radio as a Base and Rover through SurvCE.

I am not familiar with SurvCE setup, but its probably similar to FieldGenius. You just feed NMEA to the rover via bluetooth or serial com port to your data collector. You do not do anything with the base within SurvCE itself. If data collector supports only 1Hz then set your Update Rate in ReachView rover RTK settings to 1Hz. Otherwise use 5Hz or more if supported for faster, smoother position display update. (Apparently base only needs 1Hz update rate, since it isn’t moving).

Once you get your receivers working and powered on, then try.

Thanks a lot
if you are familiar with Field Genius that is great. We can use FG. Can you please make a video of Base and Rover Setup in Field Genius by connecting Reach RS+.
We want to run it on Lora Radio not with NTRIP procedure.

Sorry, i don’t have that kind of time. Read up here, or use the tutorials in the DOCS once you get your receivers powered up.

Thanks once again

How are you?
Reach RS+ have been switched on successfully after a long charge. Need your support to connect both base and rover with SurvCE and we want to run it on Lora RTK.

What have you tried first? Where do you get stuck?

Dear Christian
Thanks a lot to get in touch to resolve the issue.
Need your support to connect both base and rover with SurvCE and we want to run it on Lora RTK.

What have you tried until now? Where do you get stuck? What errors do you get?

There is no option of Emlid in GPS Base Tab of Carlson SurvCE or SurvPC

Did you try connecting via NMEA and see if it suits your needs?
This is how it works with FieldGenius

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Hi @ramzanimam,

  1. Firstly, you need to complete the setup of the LoRa base-rover connection in ReachView app by following our video guide.
  2. After that, you can connect your rover to SurvCE with steps from the tutorial I shared in this thread before - “How to connect Reach and SurvCE”.

It’s not possible to make the first step in SurvCE, only in ReachView app.


again, I do not use SurvCE/PC, but if like FieldGenius, you will NOT have to do any set up with the BASE in SurvCE/PC. Just in ReachView. The ROVER is the only thing you need to set up in SurvCE/PC by simply following the DOCS. You should also contact Carlson Survey for further help too.

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Hi there,

Just so you know, now we have the mobile app for Android and iOS devices—ReachView 3 :slightly_smiling_face:. It’s easy to use and contains lots of features for surveying. Don’t hesitate to share your feedback about ReachView 3 with us. We’re always open to new feature requests!