Emlid reach rs+ time recording UTC or GPST


in which time do rover and base from the emlid reach rs+ record time?
In the post-processed data in the .pos file, it is stated that the time was recorded in GPS time.
% obs start : 2019/01/11 13:00:15.8 GPST (week2035 478815.8s)
% obs end : 2019/01/11 18:45:36.6 GPST (week2035 499536.6s)
GPST latitude(deg) longitude(deg) height(m) Q ns sdn(m) sde(m) sdu(m) sdne(m) sdeu(m) sdun(m) age(s) ratio
2019/01/11 13:00:15.800 -17.206790446 -44.815901939 453.4795 2 6 3.9395 2.9938 6.6090 2.8048 -3.5988 -4.4822 0.80 0.0

I cannot see any time setting in the reachview app.

Thank you!


Hi @masterthesisbrazil,

Reach records GPST time. At the moment it’s not possible to change the time type in the app.

Hi @andrew.yushkevich,

in the picture I attached, the format of the GPS Time in the .pos file from the rover does however look like UTC to me. The .pos file is obtained through post processing the data from rover and base.
That is why I was thinking it was maybe already converted to UTC during the post processing?

Thank you!

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