Emlid Reach RS+ shutting down when getting too hot

Dear Emlid Forum,

  1. I am using two Emlid Reach RS+, firmware version 26.2 with ReachView 2.24.
    I use them configured in Rover - Base Station using the LoRa option provided in the app.

  2. During surveys on a coastal beach (US mid Atlantic) we recognized that the rover would start to automatically turn itself off during surveys and that the survey-tab in the app would not be able to load anymore, which is why we could not continue our surveys. The air temperature was about 33 degrees Celsius or 92 Fahrenheit.

Since the top of the rover became relatively hot, we are hypothesizing that the heat will cause some problems with the rover, since after testing the rover again in the lab the problem seem to have disappeared.

Did someone else encounter such a problem ?
What would be a solution without jeopardizing satellite reception?

Best Regards,
Christian Schwarz

There are past posts you can search.

Email support@emlid.com with serial numbers.

Hi Christian,

Yes, please reach out to us at support@emlid.com. Besides serial numbers, we’ll also need the Full system reports from your units. It will help us check if the unit indeed overheats.

Full reports may contain sensitive info. That’s why I’m asking you to move our discussion to email.

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