Emlid Reach RS+ (no Base connection after 2 kilometer)

Dear Fellows,
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I got Emlid Reach R+ Survey few days back.
I am working with Base & Rover method.
The problem is after just 2 KM there is no connectivity with base.
What i read in specifications it was mentioned that its rang is upto 8 kilometer, which sounds great, but just after 2 kilometer i am facing connection problem with base.
My region is Dubai - United Arab Emirates and working site is main highway, and in surrounding there are few building, but that are far away from rover and base location.
Any advise from expert fellows???

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Can’t wait to hear this. I have trouble maintaining connection more than a half a mile.

@iramhameed80 Please share your RTCM3 and LoRa settings of the base unit.

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Provide what @bide asked for.

Adjust your Air Data Rate for longer baseline:

Hi Iram,

Just wanted to add that 8km distance for LoRa radio is mentioned for the line of sight. The specifics of the environment can affect the distance.

May I ask you to share a couple of photos of your setup and the environment you’re surveying?

Please keep us posted.


You can also dial up your frequency for more range or lower for dense conditions.


This is what is in the docs. :upside_down_face:

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Increasing the frequency will give more bandwidth (in this case very little, but a theoretical increase). Increasing the output power will give you more range.
900 mhz-ish isn’t bad at penetration, but obviously, the lower the better.


I run 928 mhz, 20dBm, low air data rate (less than 4.56kb/s), and use only 1 or 2 constellations at 0.5hz or less 0.1hz. Typically GPS+GLO or GPS+GAL. I get good range if few obstructions and have good fix.

Best bet to send corrections over wifi to caster that rover can connect to. No range issue unless you pushing limits of L1 (10+km) anyway.


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