Emlid reach M2 with RFD900 using serial 2

I’m trying setup RTK using Emlid M2 and RS2, connection using RFD900 because need longer distance.

from documentation all radios use serial1, but I need serial1 for communication with autopilot(pixhawk)
is it possible for me to use serial2 port at emlid M2?

Hi Fajar,

is it possible for me to use serial2 port at emlid M2?

The S2 port is reserved for the LoRa connection.

Instead of this, you can embed corrections to the telemetry radio. This way, you can connect M2 to the autopilot with S1 and still work in RTK.

We have a guide for the workflow.

It also shows how to connect the Reach base and the GCS via TCP to pass the corrections.

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Hi @zoltan.biber
thanks for reply

I’ve tried with that way, but data rate is too slow when RFD900 radio used for RTK data and drone telemetry data.
I compared with emlid LoRa radio.
and I set RTK freq to 5Hz.
that why I separate radio for RTK and drone data.

Hi Fajar,

As an alternative to the setup Zoltan described, you can consider one of these options:

Hi @kseniia.suzdaltseva
I’ve been use emlid LoRa for 1year, but the range not far enough for our case(1-2Km) because RS2 antenna are too low, we need to put the antenna higer.
that’s why I planned to use RFD that connected to RS2 and put antenna higer for better RTK range.
and we can’t use USB modem because working at remote area

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