Emlid Reach Cable With Male DB9 Connect to Power Reach RS+

Hello, I bought the Emlid Reach Cable with a male DB9 connect but realized that I can’t use DB9 to power my Reach RS+. Does anyone know if the internal wiring of the DB9 cable is the same as the internal wiring of the non-DB9 cable so that if I cut off the DB9 end of the cable, will I have access to the wires which would allow me to power the Reach RS+? I’ve been looking at the wiring diagrams for both the DB9 connect and the non-DB9 connect (linked to this post) and it seems like if I cut open the DB9 cable I should have access to the wires that would allow me to power the reach RS+. Am I correct in this assumption or is there no internal wiring for the pins that are labeled as ‘np’ in the circuit diagram? Thanks!

Non-DB9 Connect

Male DB9 Connect

A good question I’ve wondered about myself as backup option for a damaged cable.

I can tell you looking at both versions here that the cable itself is the same, identical markings and external dimension so all the cores will be in there.

The real question is if they are actually terminated at the Lemo connector end, and it’s not easy to check as both connectors are molded.

You could either become the sacrificial guinea pig and conduct a scientific beheading of the DB9 to satisfy our curiosity…or wait for Emlid to confirm the manufacturing detail…and if needed exchange it.

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Using a meter I tested the Male DB9 cable, and it is as reported on Emlid’s diagram, that only pairs of pins 1-5, 6-2, 7-3 are connected. Just as Wombo stated, both the cables are of the same diameter, and I believe they must contain all the of the 9 wires in the DB9 versions. The same as the CBL 101 version with one end terminating in bare wires. They are just not connected as stated in the diagram 'nc".


Hi Todd,

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We suggest using CBL101 to charge the Reach devices. We haven’t tested cutting the CBL102/103 to power up Reach, and there are different regulations for CBL101 and CLB102/CBL103. So, I can hardly confirm that such a modification will work.

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Well, I cut open the cable and tested it due to Emlid not having a return policy for this sort of thing. It turns out that the internal wiring does not connect through to anything but pins 1, 6, and 7 which means that I cannot power the RTK unit using the cable that I currently have and will need to buy a different cable.

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unfortunately I have also bought the wrong cable for powering the RS2+ via the DB9-CBL. Maybe you (EMLID) could be a little more specific on the documentation site, which cable to use for powering the device? Or have I overlooked something?
I thought I could buy a simple solution without having to solder :frowning:

Currently I’m using the usb-c port to power the RS2+, but it’s outside on the roof in all weather and I’m guessing the usb-c isn’t made for staying outdoors in the rain? Or is it? That would be great news!

Thanks for a quick clarification!

CBL101 is for connecting power. The other DB9 cables are for connecting to data collectors etc which ONLY transfer data, no power. The DOCS have pinout diagrams for each.