Emlid reach - base and rover with xbee communication

I am making a autonomous boat.
And want to get precise position with Emlid Reach GPS.

I tested with ReachView app which operate on Internet browser.

And now I am trying to connect Rover and Base with xbee moudule on each side.

It seemed to work(Base sending information… you can see that led blinking) but… when I check GPS information with ReachView, it shows me only Rover - information (Status - single). There was no “STATUS” change…

So I checked with TCP protocol and it worked so well…

Here’s the pictures.

Somebody who already figured out this problem, please help me out.

And this is the config screen shot


ReachView config seems fine. Could you try testing the radios without Reach?

Yes. we did test the radio alone.

And it did work well!

We are suspecting that rtkrcv is not receiving the base-correction well.

Is there any way to check

  • rtkrcv is correctly receiving the correction message
  • if the connection is right, received message is not polluted(e.g. showing parsing error through ssh console if message parsing failed)

Thank you.