Emlid Reach and Arc GIS Collector with iOS


I’m currently at looking in investing for Emlid Reach equipment, just wondering how well the reach works with Arc Gis Collector on iOS as everything seems to be with android?

I have seen that " To directly connect a Bluetooth receiver with an iOS device, the receiver has to be part of the MFi program as well as support the output of NMEA sentences. The following receivers can be used directly with Collector on supported iOS devices."

If so do all models of Reach work with Arc GIS or just the RS2+?

I plan to use it for Arc GIS and then also just picking up points outside of Arc GIS using HxGN Smart Net within Australia in regards to intelligent compaction.


Hi Thomas,

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If this ArcGIS application only supports Bluetooth connection, it will only work with Reach devices on Android. The thing is that Reach uses regular Bluetooth, and iOS doesn’t allow such type of connection.

Still, some ArcGIS applications such as ArcGIS Survey 123 support TCP connection. In this case, you can integrate it with Reach RS2+.

All Reach devices can output their position in NMEA format via Bluetooth, so they can integrate with ArcGIS applications using the mock location feature on Android. You can check this guide to learn more.

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