Emlid Raspbian OS no booting on RPI 4 2GB

Hi Mike,

In terms of connection to the Wi-Fi network, there were no changes. It should work fine. How do you configure your wpa_supplicant.conf file?



This working on raspberry pi buster lite os. Maybe timezone is a problem?

Can you please test it on rpi 4 rev 1.5?

And file var/log/lastlog is empty and all log files are empty

Please comment the key_mgmt parameter, save the file and try to connect once again.

Not working

Hi Mike,

Have you tried connecting it to another Wi-Fi network? For example, your mobile phone hotspot.

Hi. Yes, it’s again not working.

Hi Mike,

That’s quite strange. I suggest reflashing the SD card and configuring the Wi-Fi connection once again. If it doesn’t help, you may try using another SD card.

But another OS working good…

It’s still a good way to check that the SD card doesn’t produce the issues you faced. I assume the other OS is installed on the other of your SD cards. Maybe, the current one you’re using with the Navio2 Raspberry Pi OS image is faulty.

Emlid OS can run on usb drive ?

Hi Mike,

You can run Navio2 image only on the SD card inserted in RPi.