Emlid-raspbian-20191128 slow application loading2

I am experiencing some degraded performance using the new Emlid-raspbian-20191128 image.

An application I have written (about 3.3Mb striped) that has quite a few dynamic library dependencies (OpenCV etc), takes about 500ms to load on the emlid-raspbian-20180525.

With the new Emlid-raspbian-20191128 image, the same application takes 1500ms to load. 3 time longer.

Hardware: pi 3b+ and pi 4 (similar results on both)
SD: Sandisk Ultra 32Gb and Sandisk Ultra 16Gb

I ran fio to measaure disk performance, and there doesn’t seem to be much difference.

I’m thinking it could be something to do with the distribution libraries, but other operations like compiles also appear to the slower.

Has anyone else experience this?

It does appear to have something to do with the opencv libraries pull in more dependencies.

Hi @pwlodarczyk,

Do I understand right that you’ve resolved the issue?