Emlid please build a Reach+ Mini

ok first google this

many of you have likely seen this before. the device is not that different from the RS+ but it is much more expensive. it is also a little smaller and can be mounted on a bracket that can be attached to a basic field computer/tablet/ipad/smart phone.


Emlid please think about building this. (just the receiver and the bracket)

call it the RS+ Mini

and in my opinion just make it a good SBAS based receiver and leave off the RTK. but leave the ability to log raw data and post process against a RS+ base station. so then maybe build it on a different board and get the price down even lower. maybe go for a slightly smaller antenna. maybe, if you can, go to a more user serviceable battery. i know allot of people doing field data collection on Ipads that would like a better solution than what the other companies are offering.

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That looks like a nice little package, but I’ve never liked SBAS based receivers. Have you had much luck with them? I heard that cell phones have some sort of “tower based” augmentation that helps about as much as SBAS, but not sure. Read this…

I prefer RTK, but I’m biased because I live in a state with an excellent free VRS CORS correction system…

After I’ve entered my NTRIP account once, my Reach RS+ is almost as easy to use as an SBAS receiver, but 10x more accurate. I’ve heard of your issues in California with your single-baseline network, and saw your post on the PBO issues. That’s strange, and disappointing, that the PBO positions change from day to day.

I’m surprised there aren’t more cheap SBAS products out there. I’ve never used a Juniper Geode, but they must have something good about them to justify that high price. Has anyone around here used them? I dislike companies that hide prices, and you have to “inquire” with a salesperson to get the price. But $1500 +/- for sub-meter accuracy seems crazy, even if you don’t need a full sky view and it locks in quickly.

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That would be just a ublox neo m8n, a bluetooth adapter and a battery - you can buy the parts for less than 100 $.

A high quality version of a m8n

And a HC-05 bluetooth module.

You only have to add a small usb power bank and configure the ublox module to put out its data at the bitrate the bluetooth module expects it. Then you connect the bluetooth module (5v/mass/rx/tx) to the gps, enable external gps input in Android and you are ready to map with your favorite app.

I think under good conditions you might probably get a horizontal accuracy below 1 m. When I tested a similar configuration with a Google satellite map the gps was exactly on the 50x100 cm large piece of wood I was standing on. But the problem is you will never be sure if you did reach that accuracy.

well you read the specs on the geod and tell me how its better than a ublox m8n or 8t, becuase i sure dont get it.

the folks i work with just need a well designed SBAS unit to work with their tablets/ipads. these folks need a solid antenna, gps+glonass+galieo+sbas and they cant use ntrip since there wont be any cell reception where they are most of the time.

exactly, i wish someone would sell something like this, assembled and ready to connect to ipads. kinda like the bad elf units but with a better antenna under the hood. if the device also had the ability to log raw then it would be a beginning step for the purchaser towards getting a Reach RS+ to set as a base station they could post process against.

I think a device powered over the lighting adapter would drain the iPhone battery to quickly. So the Emlid approach with an integrated websever is way better.

But I think you will just have to wait some weeks until the uBlox F9 dual frequency receivers will be released, I expect that that will cause a serious price drop.

yeah i am talking about a device with its own battery. it would be an alternative to the geode/archer/bad-elf type devices.

Omg, false hopes… .

You can try to find old Reach RTK kits and make a case for them. That is how you can get Reach Mini. :slight_smile:


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