Emlid plan for dual L1/L2 receiver?

Hi Emlid,

It seem now that the missing link to real survey stuff is L1/L2 receiver.
What is the Emlid plan about this ?
I saw other’s product already issued… don’t tell me I picked up the wrong one !


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Who are the “other’s” you are referring to?

Where do you see the advantages of L1/L2 in post-processing of the results?


Tersus and now Piksi (Multi) have L1/L2.
Advantage, for me, are longer baseline (L1 only advised <20 km) and also mostly access to PPP services to create isolated base points (AusPos, CSRS-PPP).


no answer here ?

Septentrio AsteRX-m UAS is also L1/L2 I guess, and can be directly interfaced with arduplane + it has hotshoe event trigger interface also

Novatel have also a board with L1/L2

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Thanks guys, I know other have… but with another level of price !
I was asking Emlid plan for L1/L2.


The question is still relevant, please answer us here EMLID

We make GNSS affordable and easy to use. At the moment there is no way to make it with L1/L2. When technology is there we would be happy to develop such product.

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