Emlid Ntrip Server with Topcon Hiper VR

Can I Connect my Hiper VR with a Emlid Ntrip Server ?

I haven’t tried it yet but I don’t think it’s device specific,. Why wouldn’t it work ?

I tried it today but didn’t get it to work. Maybe it’s something I am doing wrong. I Did notice my mount point was not showing up as an option. I have a paid ntrip subscription with topcon, but trying to see if I can replace it for this free one.

Hi @rramos,

Do you mean Emlid Caster? This is our NTRIP caster, which allows transmitting corrections via the Internet from your base to the rover. Emlid Caster should work smoothly with both Reach and 3rd-party receivers that support corrections in RTCM3 format.

Just want to add that Emlid Caster doesn’t provide corrections per se. It’s just the way of transmitting them using the NTRIP protocol. So to connect your rover to the created mount point, you need to set correction output to it from your base first.

You can also read more about the difference between NTRIP Caster and NTRIP Service in this article from our blog.

Ohh ok, yeah I was trying to connect to Ntrip from Virginia. Is my first time hearing about Emlid do you guys provide a subscription that connect to state Ntrip services without having am Emlid product?

If you want the states Ntrip services you connect to the states Ntrip caster.

If you own an rs2 you set it up as a base, and link it to Emlids ntrip caster. You can now use emlid caster to get corrections from the RS2 base you have set up.

If you have a rover capable of using rtcm3 corrections, it would link to either.

So all of our equipment are from topcon and we pay 2500 a year for their Nstrip service. Which allows me to use my rover without any base set up. If I purchase a rs2 for around the same price can I use it as a stand alone Rover without any yearly subscription ?

The answer to that all depends on your requirements, where you are working, what type of work you are doing, the expected accuracy of the work.

topcon may be giving you a vrs solution, all depends on how far from the base you need to stay, and the level of accuracy you require.

Since it sounds like you are surveying, It would pay to spend some time reading this forum. Understanding how RTK works, all the ins and outs. Learning how your tools work will save you the most in the long run.

Emlid allows me to operate farm machinery and cut my lawn with cm precision without added subscription costs. While saving tons on guidance equipment.

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We use our network rover on sites where we haven’t been provided with control points. We are an earthwork company, when we grade we’ll use a rover and base and localize the site for maximum accuracy. But wondering if I can save money by purchasing a rs2 that’ll will tap into the states towers for corrections without a yearly subscription. I understand the network is not the most accurate solution but I make corrections in the office.

The RS2 is not a gateway.

The bases of the states network generate rtcm3 corrections, that are sent by their caster

The RS2 generates rtcm3 corrections, that then can be sent over any network or caster.

Your topcon provider has bases that generate rtcm3 corrections, sent by their caster.

Networked Transport of RTCM over Internet Protocol “NTRIP” , NTRIP does not create corrections it transports them on the Internet.

You can get corrections connected to any of the above. But the physical distance to the connected base still matters. Unless you use VRS.

Hi @rramos,

Let me try to sum up all the info:

In standalone mode, Reach RS2 provides several meters of accuracy only. To get a centimeter-accurate position, you need to work in RTK with 2 receivers: base and rover.

The receiver can be connected to the NTRIP Service’s base, which transmits corrections in RTCM3 format. NTRIP Services may be open such as RTK2Go or require a subscription. Just want to add that we don’t provide an RTK subscription, so you need to contact your local provider to get it.

Another option is to place your own base. In this case, you won’t need a subscription to correct your rover’s position. You’ll be able to transmit corrections from the base to the rover via the Internet or radio.

Ok thank for the clarification!!

Out of interest, what does the subscription cost?

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