Emlid ntrip caster vertical datum?

does the emlid ntrip caster only use ellipsoid height for vertical datum or is it possible to configure for NAD27?

If it only uses ellipsoid height If anyone knows of an alternative that provide NAD27 that would greatly appreciated!

The caster is simply just a forward-service. It will forward whatever is provided to it.

That said, Emlid gear requires elipsoid height for input, then ReachView 3 can pretty much transform to any height you want on the fly.

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Understood. I saw a notice at the bottom of the page when I changed the vertical datum from elipsoid to NAD27 “make sure your caster provides NAD27” or something long those lines. That confused me.

Hi @vtadrones,

This note means that if you use some NTRIP Caster as a source of corrections, it should use the same coordinate system as the rover.

Emlid NTRIP Caster is a tool for transmitting the corrections between a base and a rover. In such a configuration, you need to make sure that your base coordinates are set up using the mentioned in the note coordinate system.

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