EMLID NAVIO2 --> FrSKY "ARCHER R8 PRO" Receiver Compatibility issues

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I have some questions about FrSKY TRANSMITTERS and RECEIVERS Compatibility issues with your NAVIO2 module

  1. Is FRSKY Receiver “ARCHER R8 PRO” FULL compatible with the EMLID NAVIO2 module please ?

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  1. Is FRSKY receiver “ARCHER R8 PRO” compatible with FRSKY “Taranis X9D Plus 2019” Transmitter ?


Hi Franck,

Sorry for the delayed response. I saw your emails, but I’ll answer you in this thread as the answer might be useful for other users.

We’ve tested the FrSky telemetry on Navio2 and it worked just fine in the standard mode. The only limitation I should point out is the impossibility to use the passthrough feature.

As far as I see from the datasheet, the Taranis X9D Plus is compatible with FrSky X series, D series and V8-ll series receivers. Horus transmitters are declared to work with all ACCESS receivers.

Hi Artem,

Thanks for your answer.

If I understood your answer correctly, the “ARCHER R8 PRO” receiver works with the EMLID NAVOI2 module. That’s right ?

Following, there is a picture of the FrSky receiver “ARCHER R8 PRO”, i can see two connectors, “SBUS IN” and “SBUS OUT”

Is this connector “SBUS IN” or “SBUS OUT” that I have to connect to the “PPM / SB” input of the NAVIO2 module?

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Hi Franck,

Yes, there should not be any incompatibility issues except mentioned above.

You will need to connect the SBUS OUT of Archer R8 PRO to the PPM/SB input of Navio2.

Hi Again Artem,

Thanks a lot, for your support !
I have understand, i must connect “SBUS OUT” to PPM/SB NAVIO2 input for send all commands From the Transmitter, to the NAVIO Module.

For the telemetry, there is “SBUS IN” on the FrySky receiver, where i do connect “SBUS IN” for get telemetry information from NAVIO2 ?

Best Regards

Hi Franck,

Yes, you just need to connect the SBUS OUT of FrSky Archer to PPM/SBUS of Navio2.

According to the FrSky guide on the Ardupilot site, you don’t need to connect the SBUS In with the Navio2 to get the telemetry.

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