Emlid M2 with Pix4dCatch

So Pix4d have released their viDoc for their Pix4dCatch app. In Australia, it is around $10,000. The viDOC pretty much does the same thing as an M2 with a NTRIP connection.

Has anyone played around with getting the Pix4DCatch app to play nice with the IOS app?

I have an m2 with antena and an iPhone 14 pro MAX 1 tb. Those two can sincronize?

iPhone doesn’t have the feature like “mock locations” as on android, so it will depend on the app you are using. I tried broadcasting my M2 over Bluetooth and connecting to it in the PIX4DCatch app, but it wouldn’t detect it.

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The price of the vidoc kit is overrated, hope that in the future more alternatives will appear.

Agreed, there is no reason why the PIX4DCatch app can’t receive gps position over Bluetooth NMEA. But the developers need to make it work. I was hopeful because the app stages “RTK Bluetooth receiver” and doesn’t specifically state on the ViDoc, but it seems it only works with their hardware.

There is a company in Europe called Redcatch that has something similar to ViDoc for $500. I’d gladly pay somewhere in the middle for an Emlid product that has these capabilities.

Pretty much just a m2 with a mount. I’m assuming it uses mock locations for android.

Redcatch has support only for android.

Hi guys,

I can add that Reach M2 can send coordinates only to iOS apps that allow TCP connection. For Bluetooth integration, you’ll need an Android device.

Hmm ok. I wonder how PIX4DCatch is able to receive corrections over Bluetooth then with the ViDoc.

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