Emlid M2 PPK not Fix or Bad Signals

Hello, can anyone explain the condition of the PPK observations of my emlid M2 which is used when flying using VTOL, what is the problem and why the results obtained are bad?

The red vertical lines you see here in the files are called cycle slips. It means that the receiver lost lock of the sat signal, and thus it cannot be used in the solution. If too many sats have cycle slips at the same time or within certain amount of time, you can’t get a fix.
Usually when you see this on a drone, it is because the receiver and/or its connecting cables are sitting in a ton of Radio frequency noise.

Solutions are, in order of effectiveness:

  • move antenna and receiver away from obvious noise sources like battery, motors, high current wires, esc’s etc.
  • wrap the receiver in metal foil to shield it.
  • make sure the power supply deliver noise free voltage.

This is the latest flight result

Was it a UAV-battery change in the clean middle section?

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This condition has never been experienced before, the vtol that I use has flown frequently, with the device placed in the same location as now

Can you post some installation-images of your VTOL?



Maybe bad connections? Try reconnecting everything… maybe more so between the antenna(s) and M2?

So far I can’t understand the condition

Can you confirm that you only see the noise issue when the VTOL is flying ?

Until now I can’t understand whether it’s because of the VTOL noise

but earlier we tried flying again using only 3 satellites: GPS, Beidou and Glonas, this condition was better. Can anyone explain this condition? Why do QZSS and Galileo have a negative impact?

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Hi Jaya,

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The use of the QZSS and Galileo satellites should not have a negative impact on the quality of the log. Most likely, we need to look elsewhere for the reason. I agree with Christian’s suggestions. Have you had a chance to try them? We would narrow down the possible causes using those methods.

Do you use lipo or li-ion in vtol or both ?
Li ion could generate some noise, shielding cables is a good advice to get rid of this

I can just echo @Sylvain_POULAIN’s words. The cables can be susceptible to interference too. So it’s better to protect them as much as possible.

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